EBS-260 Handjet Portable Inkjet Printer


The EBS-260 Handjet® offers a professional and reliable alternative to traditional marking methods such as stencil printing, paint pens and marker pens. Text from 9 to 57mm high, logos, symbols, barcodes and 2D codes can be printed onto porous and non-porous surfaces. Real time data including date, time, offset date and sequential numbers can be automatically printed.

Based around an industrial inkjet print engine, the EBS-260 Handjet® is ideally suited for printing in harsh industrial environments including concrete, stone, timber and construction. Durable, fast-drying inks can be used on products stored outdoors without the risk of fading through UV and weather exposure. Black, white, blue and yellow inks are available allowing printing onto virtually any surface - porous or non-porous, pale or dark-coloured.

A wide range of accessories is available including barcode readers to scan-in print data, printing guides for printing onto small and awkward-shaped products and protection kits for harsh environments.



High UV and weather-resistant inks suitable for marking dry or wet concrete products.

Standard and custom printing guides for awkward and narrow products such as y-beams.

Nozzel protection kits for rough surfaces and drop protection kits.



Mark text, ISPM15 codes, shipping symbols and logos onto virtually any type of timber.

Rough sawn timber, plywood, chipboard. OSB….including painted and stained surfaces.

Standard and custom print guides available to ensure straight printing.



Durable, fasy-drying marks on all types of plastic including PE, PP, PVC, poly-woven bags, shrink-wrap and stretch films.

Choice of black, white, blue and yellow inks allows both pale and dark coloured products to be printed.



High-contrast, permanent marks on bare, painted and coated metals.

Standard and custom printing guides for awkward and narrow products such as stillages.

Black, white, blue and yellow inks allow both pale and dark coloured products to be printed.


Cardboard & Paper

With a print height range of 9 to 57mm it’s possible to print onto most cartons, sacks, drums and crates.  Up to 5 lines of text can be printed in one operation.

Text including variables such as date, time, offset date & counters, logos, barcodes and 2D codes can be printed.


As well as the built-in touch screen, the EBS-260 has WiFi, Bluetooth and USB interfaces allowing connection to a range of devices to set up print messages and manage printing.

The touch screen can be used to create and edit print messages as well as adjusting print settings including print density and size. Message storage is virtually unlimited, and messages can be organised into folders. Password protection allows access to message editing functions to be restricted. Variable data can be prompted before printing such as batch codes or operator ID.

The WiFi interface allows the printer to be controlled from any device on the same WiFi network running Firefox web browser. Print messages can be quickly created and edited, and custom logos and print fonts transferred to the printer.

The device (PC, Mac or Android tablet) does not require any software - just Firefox web browser.

The Bluetooth interface can be used to send variable data to the printer - usually from a barcode reader but Martek also supplies a PC Bluetooth adapter compatible with the EBS-260.

A USB port is provided to allow print messages to be backed up, restored or copied between several EBS-260 printers.



Martek offers a range of accessories designed to aid printing onto irregular shaped products, protect printers when printing on rough surfaces, provide drop protection and scan-in print data from barcodes.

Printing Guides

Many objects prove difficult to print onto with a standard EBS-260 due to their shape or size - especially if the product is narrow or curved. Martek supplies a range of accessories specially designed to allow these products to be quickly and easily printed. The range includes a pipe/drum adapter for marking along pipes or around drums, stabilisers for printing long messages in straight lines, narrow product guides - popular for printing beams and box section and custom guides designed for specific applications.

Barcode Readers

Bluetooth barcode readers provide the option to scan-in variable print data rather than entering it via the touch screen to avoid errors and improve efficiency. Standard and heavy-duty models are available. Barcode readers may be used to extract print data from a database stored on the printer using a scanned-in lookup field e.g. part number or works order number to identify the database record.


When printing on rough surfaces, Martek provides a nozzle protection kit that prevents print nozzles coming into contact with the product, avoiding damage to the nozzle plate. Drop-protection options include a holster with tool belt, wrist strap and inertia reel kit.



Quick drying, permanent inks allow printing onto virtually any surface - porous or non-porous. For marking dark products, white, yellow and blue pigmented inks offer high contrast. The ink colour may be changed within the same ink base (acetone, MEK or ethanol) by flushing the printer.

Acetone based black and white inks dry fast on any surface with good UV and weather resistance. Ideal for metals, plastics, glass and painted surfaces.

MEK based blue and yellow pigmented inks dry fast on non-porous surfaces and offer high contrast on dark surfaces. Ideal for dark coloured metals, plastics and painted surfaces.

Specialist ethanol based black ink has excellent UV and high temperature resistance making it ideal for marking concrete, hot pipes and containers of hot product.

Please contact Sales on 01905 763500 for consumables and accessories.

EBS-260 Handjet Portable Inkjet Printer